Infection: Last Rites is an exclusively single-player-focused, episodic, Action Horror/Survival Horror FPS game.

Episode 1: "DNA" is set approximately 40 years in the future, the game offers a unique mature twist on the zombie genre - this is not the start of the outbreak, this is what happens next, when everything has been all but wiped out.

Military trained, equipped with custom gear and experienced at fighting the Infected, you are one of the few taking the risk that keep the remaining survivors alive.

  • Infection entirely concentrates on creating a mature, gritty, single player zombie experience for true fans of the genre, bringing tension, isolation and fear to the fore.
  • Distinctive sci-fi, post the zombie outbreak scenario setting for the genre, facilitates unique; locations, enemy types, weapons and events with attention aimed solidly at delivering immersive gameplay over GFXs and elaborate cut-scenes.
  • Features separate Action horror and Survival horror modes either of which is instantly selectable to suit your preferred gameplay style (N.B. survival horror mode is not available yet in Alpha v1.0).
  • Non-linear semi-open level design and free-form sandbox combat.
  • Unique combat system –features multiple weapon modes and ammo types carried simultaneously combined with other high tech gear that must be used tactically to survive.
  • Dynamically generated encounters are mixed in with set-pieces for the ultimate in tension and replayability.
  • Significant contextual gameplay differences between indoor and outdoor environments provide additional gameplay variety.
  • User definable limited number of saves option to ratchet up the tension if you want it from unlimited saves right down to zero saves i.e. Permadeath. (N.B. this feature is not available yet in Alpha v1.0).
  • Innovative Survival horror mode - hunt and be hunted by the infected in our fresh take on the genre, with its slower pace and greater focus on horror. Feel the fear as our advanced AI for the Infected simulates their senses, and realistic behaviour that will challenge you to hide, evade and stealth kill to survive. (N.B. this mode is not available yet in Alpha v1.0).
  • Designed in collaboration with our community - come to our forums, get involved and give us the feedback to help us make the ultimate single player focused zombie Action Horror/Survival Horror game.

Currently this Alpha version only shows an example of our siege type gameplay. The full game will allow you to sandbox play in: siege, fire fight, exploration, protect, stealth and survival horror oriented gameplay variations.

We are a small team of indie developers and our goal is to build the most awesome single-player focused zombie action and survival horror game ever for all true zombie fans to enjoy. Please join us on our forums, give us feedback, and contribute suggestions to help us make this game as good as it can be!

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